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Posted on August 15, 2013 at 11:50 AM

Hello Friends! 

With Cannes well behind us, we turn to other things. . .  to see where Maya is right now, check the NEWS! page (over there on the upper right there is stuff to click on).  Below are coupe of poems for the day.  One is from Maya's second book "The Amen Poems", the other is one some of you may have heard at some poetery reading or other.  As always, if they reach you - great, if they don't isnpire you in anyway, write some better ones!  The world can always use more poems.   Here you go:




Do not belong to you


I’m just wellwater, caught up form


Deep streams, run through you to quench


Thirst, heat hearts, pump blood


And then back to earth


Not mine nor his nor hers


Piss me out



    We’ll be much


           L           i          g           h           t           e           r



                            Without the chains




                       A            M            E            N




Things in a world offire often appear darker

Sorry is a word I do need

A heart is a heart is a heart

Flight is not necessary

Time is no truth

Oh hello its raining in some caves, but not my own

Frowning are the stars - love heavy on their eyes - this is not to fear

Far away is here

Plenty is a state of mind

Crashing charging what is next

All seasons run rampant in my blood

Fire is a wilderness of the heart

Please remember me happily

My face is painted

The world is not a perfect sphere

If we sat we'd drink

The city glows all night like Christmas

if every breath were my own. . .

words run like rivers

flowers fall

how did I get like this

how did you

where is any place

fish know water like air

can I learn the same?

Can i bring my world to the world?

sugar-snap peas on your plate are a gateway, if you know how to look

Bridges are everywhere

ice caves, pristine with hollowness, hold eternity

Between your knees the world

flowers and flowers and flowers

Death is gods way of saying thank you

When this is all done what use is strawberry jam

i am sad i am sad i am sad









Love to you all,



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