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Above: The 13 canvases for "SACRED"
Maya Massar Studio when it was at 1000 Parker Street, Vancouver, BC
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 Artwork is © Copyright Maya Massar

Much of the art here for the moment, is from 5 to 30 years old! Its here for your viewing pleasure...Most of the pieces/images are available for limited use, some are still available to own, so if you see something you love and want to purchase or use it, inquire at email address below.

Thank you!

[email protected]



Featured in the 2002 Short Film "Death's Dream"




Mermaid  Etching




Circle Ballerina (turn her any direction) colored pencil








NAKED   pencil & water color











Tuareg Man -  aprox. 2' x 3' acrylic on canvas, un-stretched












Sacred - 5" x 8" pen and ink

Greeting card








LLAMA for Green Mt. Llamas 

Pen & Ink










piece description card for June Millich's 


















Mali - approx 2' x 3' acrylic on canvas un-stretched






CrazyWoman Mask on sticks







 Birth of the White Angel

Acrylic on canvas, appr. 2X2.5'






Who David Married

Oil paint & pastel on canvas, appr. 2X3'






My Hinckley Friend

Wool and cotton handweaving





Winter Pear

Acrylic on canvas, in the collection of Barbara & Stuart Pizer 




Pear's Joy

Acrylic on canvas, in the collection of Barbara & Stuart Pizer




Nursing Dream

Acrylic & oil pastel on canvas





Man and Child

Oil pastel & chalk on cardboard





 Sacrement to the Wounded Healer

Acrylic, deer hide, wood, feathers & sinew

Approx. 5" diameter

In the collection of Charel Morris




Death Mother Mask



Empowerment Shield 

Mixed media, approx. 2' diameter

In the collection of Ann & Ermanno Vanino




Kali Altar Figure

Hollow clay & feathers, approx. 8" tall





Woman's Healing Mystery Gourd

Gourd with mixed media




Earth, Water, Fire & Air Mask



Homage to Air  Spirit-Board

Painted Driftwood



Shaman's Accomplishment Breastplate

Velvet, feathers, beads & herbs



Personal Shamanic Rattle

mixed media


Meditation Figure

Clay & quartz, approx. 6" tall




Shamanic Ceremonial Owl Mask

 Mixed media



Small Figure

Stone carving - Pipestone




Rainbow Women BC Banner




St. George & the Dragon

Illustration, pencil & water color on paper, approx. 12x18"



(Detail from above)




Rainbow Woman Mask





Pastel on paper, approx. 12x18"


The Red Angel

Acrylic on canvas, approx. 12x14"




Bravo Vancouver Banner



Bravo Vancouver Banner




Marina, Nigel & Bess

Jamaica, WI 1980

Pastel on paper





Big Dread grating coconut

Jamaica, WI

Oil on canvas, approx. 3x4'




Dancer Moving

Jamaica Kids 

Pencil sketch on paper





Oil painting done with a stick in stead of a brush, on cardboard




Illustration - pen & watercolor 


Ocean Dreaming

Crayola competition, mixed media




pen & ink with watercolor, approx. 2x3'



Judith's Rattle

Mixed Media Personal Shamanic Rattle


Stone Circle

Acrylic on Canvas



Bear Shaman

Wool & cotton weaving done on outdoor Navajo frame loom, 1976




Great Mother Goddess Figure, front

Sawdust fired clay & paint


Great Mother Goddess Figure, back

Sawdust fired clay & paint



My First Wool Blanket

made 1980, burned up in house fire 2003




Whale Rattle (Judith's)



 Sea Turtle Rattle




Inquiries:  [email protected]



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