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This started as a blog for Maya's trip to the Cannes Film Festival.  (You can scroll back and back to find that stuff - its not going anywyere.)  It is now home to poems, general Maya News updates, and pretty much anything else Maya has to say related to her Arts.  Thanks for checking it out. 

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Posted on August 15, 2013 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (5)

Hello Friends! 

With Cannes well behind us, we turn to other things. . .  to see where Maya is right now, check the NEWS! page (over there on the upper right there is stuff to click on).  Below are coupe of poems for the day.  One is from Maya's second book "The Amen Poems", the other is one some of you may have heard at some poetery reading or other.  As always, if they reach you - great, if they don't isnpire you in anyway, write some better ones!  The world can always use more poems.   Here you go:




Do not belong to you


I’m just wellwater, caught up form


Deep streams, run through you to quench


Thirst, heat hearts, pump blood


And then back to earth


Not mine nor his nor hers


Piss me out



    We’ll be much


           L           i          g           h           t           e           r



                            Without the chains




                       A            M            E            N




Things in a world offire often appear darker

Sorry is a word I do need

A heart is a heart is a heart

Flight is not necessary

Time is no truth

Oh hello its raining in some caves, but not my own

Frowning are the stars - love heavy on their eyes - this is not to fear

Far away is here

Plenty is a state of mind

Crashing charging what is next

All seasons run rampant in my blood

Fire is a wilderness of the heart

Please remember me happily

My face is painted

The world is not a perfect sphere

If we sat we'd drink

The city glows all night like Christmas

if every breath were my own. . .

words run like rivers

flowers fall

how did I get like this

how did you

where is any place

fish know water like air

can I learn the same?

Can i bring my world to the world?

sugar-snap peas on your plate are a gateway, if you know how to look

Bridges are everywhere

ice caves, pristine with hollowness, hold eternity

Between your knees the world

flowers and flowers and flowers

Death is gods way of saying thank you

When this is all done what use is strawberry jam

i am sad i am sad i am sad









Love to you all,



Monday, May 21st - The Last Post

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Well folks, Maya is almost back to Los Angeles.  And she - that is, I - want to shout out a huge THANK YOU to those of you who have followed  - and especiall those who have commented on - this crazy little blog!!! 

I will miss Cannes and writing about the journey, but am excited to get back to life, armed with so much inspiration from my journey.

Brightest Blessings & Much Love to you All,


THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS! Day 5 Festival De Cannes

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Dear Everyone,

THANK YOU to all who obliged me and said a prayer for a sunny last day at the Festival - Yesterday was WONDERFUL weather! 

The view out Maya's window on the morning of the last day:  SUNNY!!!!!!!, thank you. :-)

Ok, it was a little chilly. . . the pink lacy stockings were warm enough only because I had leg warmers and a wool jacket. . .

Farmers Market - Forte De Poussiai (the peach colored building at the end of the street)

Look Fluffy - a store full of French CHEESE!!

Sidwalk cafe's. . .

Oh - and here we have a photo of INSIDE that farmers market. Its HUGE.

Here is David outside Le MArche Du Film (the film market, where countries spend millions of dollars on each others films like normal people buy eggs at the supermarket. . .) and also the site of my famous SLIP on the STAIRS. . . butt is a still a bit sore, but finger gash is healing nicely, in spite of the fact that it really aught to have had a stitch or two in it.  (I opted for a very tight band aid, kept dry.)

A very windy day it was, but SUNNY!!!!!

Glass of wine on the deck of the Dubai Film Commissions Pavillion. (Chilly)

Directors Panel at the American Pavillion

Directors Jim Mickle (horror adaptation), David Tassiler (short film), and heavyweight James Toback (note hitman on far right - that is James) were on the panel.  Jim discussed  his work adapting foreign market horror films for the US, and his collaborative and inutitive process working wtih and trusting actors.  David shared his experience making his first short, and James talked about being ready to die.  OK, well, he talked about a lot of things, but it was the fact that he, like myself, thinks about death EVERY DAY, that got my attenton. James has an ALIVENESS that can only come from being conscious of our death with every breath.  Duende.  The Everpresent Sense of Death.  You can read a little about Duende HERE.

I got to meet and have brief chats with all three directors (and yes, dear agents, gave them my card!), which was really fun.  The panel discussions were interesting and I really needed to LAUGH. . . so thank you James.

Time for a meal in a cafe.  I cant recall its name or what I ate, but it was good. Then, back to apartment to dress for the eveing screenings and party. . .

Along the Croissette, after the screening, en route to QUEER NIGHT PARTY at the International Village!

David on the pink sidewalk (we walked 20 minutes on this sidewalk, lit up the whole way. . .)

Maya dancing with a statue along the Croissette.

Strange ORB floating on the beach. . .

Beach screening soon to start - it's gonna be a Bollywood film!

Bollywood star (I don't know who - if anyone does, let me know and I will post her name and link) walks the red carpet near the beach screening.

(Sorry about the sideways images)  Maya taking pics of the beautiful sea and evening sky. . .

Director David Massar looking as wonderful and kind as he is,  (Maya's ex and best best friend ever, incase anyone didn't get this form previous posts.) currently looking to meet potential producing partners for an amazing feature film he is currently working on.

Finally, after the evvening screening and stroll along the Croissette, its PATY TIME!  And did Maya drage David to the Cannes Queer Night Party??  NO!  David was the one who found out about the party and took Maya to it  . . . so the last night at Cannes was - though an early night due to flight time the next morning - lots of fun, schmoozing and dancing.

Last walk past party yachts. . .

And past the main square in front of Le Palais. . .

Then off to bed to snooze and wake early for the filghts home.

xoxox to you all,



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This afternoon was an other sopping wet one! 

Did get into a screening of an interesting documentary/drama hybrid called Stop the Pounding Heart, playing in the simple and lovely (black walls, red seats, no decor) Salle Soixantene (sp?).

The Director and main characters in the film were there and it was nice to talk with them a bit about the film. . . but most everyone really wanted to get home and dry off their clothes as we had all been standing in the pourning rain in line and had sat through the film wet as ducklings. . .

Rain on the patio and Sea. . .

Soggy folks in line with brullies. . .

Lots of water falling from the sky!

Can you all pray Cannes some lovely weather for Maya's last day tomorrow??

Thank you and Blessings All,



Gunman Scare at Cannes - DAY 4

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Good Day All!

News of the day is that those of us who thought we heard gunshots on Friday night were not crazy - turns out they were REAL.  I was not close enough to be in danger, but definitley heard the sound.  You can read about it here.

On a more personal front, I am typing with band aids on a few fingers - just now, heading up the VERY SLICK back steps to Le Palais (festival goers take note), I slipped - and I mean SUPERslipped. . . feet went out from under me, I hit my hip, slid to butt, then other hip BAM - slid about two feet alogn the steps - but it tured out the real casualty was my left hand  - crumpling my very cheaply made,  but expensive to buy, umbrella, I found I was pouring blood. . . from seven punctures to various fingers and my palm.  The really intense one was to my baby finger, which had some rather horridly bulging inner fleshy parts protruding from a large, deep and vibrantly bloody gash.  Rushed into the Palais (security was very sweet and let me in fast) to find that there is no first aid area - and they were sending me off to the "chemist" (drug store).  David to the rescue suggested the Canada Pavillion.  The wonderful Veronique Le Sayec, coordinator for Telefilm Canada and queen of the Pavillion Canada, was quick on the draw and offered her first aid kit.  Go Canada.  I love my country. Umbrella is headed for the grave yard, my hand is gonna be just fine, and my hip and butt will be a lovely shade of purple by the end of the next screening I sit through.

More soon,

With Love,


End of Day 3. . .PICTURES!

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GAY FLAG!  So, I finally got a meal at what seems to be the only LGBT place in all of Cannes (someone let me know if I am wrong!), the" target="_blank">GRILL HOUSE

I ordered a bowl of gaspacho and desert - well, I didnt mean to order desert - its just that my server made it seem SO yummy I went ahead. . . did my wallet like it?  No, not much, but was it as yummy as it looked?  OH YES!!!  (Hot chocolate cake with pure gooiness inside. I dont think I will even want to LOOK at anything else that is sweet for about a year, but wow, very fun to eat it once.  Here it is, mid-consumption:

Here is the gaspacho. . .

And here is the chocolat thing.  OK, doesnt look as amazing as it was.  Since I normally dont eat wheat OR sugar, it was a VERY dacadent treat, but well worth the suffering.  :-)

OK. So, Sofia Coppola is here with her film Bling Ring, a true story of a bunch of kids who set out to (and do) rob a bunch of celebrities in Hollywood.  The film is so populare that even the more casual daytime screenings are full to the max.  Here, you see the line going up the stairs, around the hallway, and behind the screening room. Sadly, after the usual hour and a half wait, I was five people behind the last one who fit like sardines into the screening room . . . so, ok, I will see it like the rest of you do, in theaters whenever it is released.

I got tired in line and sat down.  Here are the legs of the folks ahead of me, some of whom have now seen the film!

Yeah. Long waits are ok, though, because that is where one meets people. 

After that, I stood in line for a seat in the Court Metrage area (short films) and saw a couple of interesting ones.  Easy and a relief after the big lines for the big films.

Next up - getting off of my feet!  Village International - where all film commissions from around the world have their pavillions. . . its actually really fun and fascinating to see what each country is doing, fim-wise.  Inspiring - visiting the pavillions has given me a whole bunch of ideas for films. . . .  not that I need more ideas - what I really need are more ME's to do the writing!

Note the blue jewelry.  (Memory of this will come in handy when viewing a certain eyelash picture further down. . .)

I found what I think might be the ONLY place at the festival that one can LIE DOWN (other than going to the beach or back to ones dwelling).  SHhhhhhh. . . dont tell anyone. . .

Irish Pub.  Cheaper food. Guinness. English.  (Ok, I LOVE Cannes, French food, French wines, and the melodic French language. But after a long day this Pub hit the spot.)

The amazingly BLUE darkening sky. . . and . . .

A horrible photo of Maya, but here are the BLUE EYELASHES to match the night sky and the blue jewelry from earlier!

Posting these day 3 pics on day 4 - Saturday, March18th.  Its POURING RAIN today - films are gonna be really hard to get in to see, but off I go to try my luck!  I didnt bring enough WINTERY CLOTHING!!!   Brrrrr. .. wearing too many piles of summer things - maybe I can get known as THE BAG LADY OF CANNES!!

Love you All,



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Hey Gang!

First of all, thank you all for following this crazy blog!!   So many of you have written me wonderful, fun, silly, interesting questions and comments!  Its fine to keep using email and facebook, but you can also make your comments here on the blog (at least that feature is supposed to be working!) and then others can comment back to you.

Tonight, Friday, March 17th, is the beginning of the big OVERLAP weekend here at Cannes - that is, those who have come for the first half of the event and will leave at the end of the weekend are still here, and those who have come for the second half have arrived - internet ALL OVER CANNES is on overload - I have now tried five (yes, read 5) times to sign on and post more pictures for you - but the internet is so bogged down I can hardly send one photo in an email.  I will attempt firs thing in the early morning (when hopefully late night partygoers will still be sleepin it off and the internet will be less strained). 

Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience!!!

Love nd Hugs,


Day 3 of Le Festival de Cannes

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GOOD MORNING FESTIVAL FOLLOWERS!! (Alright, I know its not morning for you guys, especially those in PST, but its MY morning. . . at least I am TRYING to tell my body so, since the sun is up, the French are driving their cars fast and furiously - though not as furiously as the Italians - through the tiny streets outside my window, and the sea sparkles luxuriously in the distance. . .yet somehow it still feels like time to sleep.  Why oh why can't I do so when the clock says 3am??  The remedy, I think, must be to arrive a week early to acclimate.  Make a note of it.)

Anyway, as I was saying, it IS morning, and I wish you a good one, whenever yours is.

Yesterday, David snaped THIS photo for me, of me, in front of the SAG/Indie poster. . . GO SAG/Indie!  One thing being here is doing for me is to re-charge my energy for getting my script written.  Its been really hard for me to make myself write - but being around so much crazy-raw and super-polished talent of so many sorts is really quite the catalyst.  So, yes, go Maya go: WRITE.

Here is the photo (ps; anybody know WHY I cant get some photos to upload right side up when they are rightside up on my computer??):(

Here is what is outside my window (yes, COLD and windy today.  Ok, maybe not cold to my Canadian friends, but still. . .it's 16, which is pretty chilly for the Riviera - that's laround 60 for you Americans):(

And here, dear ones, is the coveted Accreditation Badge. . . this badge at Cannes is key to EVERYTHING.  It is rigourously checked at every entrance to every building (the festival is somewhat spread out and there is a lot of going in and coming  out to be done), every screening, every line-up etc.  It is checked for collecting "Invitations" (otherwise known as movie tickets) for screenigns at Le Grand Theatre Lumiere, etc.  Each attendee's ticket has numbers and letters denoting what that specific attendee is welcome to do and attend.  Badges are tracked, and the owner is held accountable. . . for exapmle, if one reserves or aquires an Invitation but does not show up, one recieves a PHONE CALL saying, basically, WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU, and if said one does not appear at said function, ones badge (ones self) is red-listed NOT to be invited to another event. . . I imagine if the answer to the 'where the heck' question were "I've had my legs broken by Maffia and am lying in the street bleeding" one might be excused, but the powers that be take disregarded Invitations seriously, as there are SO many people - and many of them big wigs/stars of some sort - who want them.

A hand full of badges (the leopard spots one is for a by-invitation-only party that didn't last long as it was open air on the beach and it was cold and rainy. . . but still, nice to drink a glass of red wine and rub shoulders with. . . well, lotsa folks - there are so many people from so many countries here!

Producers from all around the world - most people think Cannes is a Film Festival. And ok, it is, on the surface level.  But the truth about the shiniest film festival on Earth is that it is actually a HUGE SALES MARKET, and the majority of people attending are not here to see films, they are here to NETWORK. Meetings Meetings Meetings is the key phrase here.  Its fast and furious and ongoing ALL the time.  People in cafes are eating, yes, but they are either on their phones, computers or discussing rights to whatever films over their meals. . .

And a pensive moment. . . hmm. . . what is my next move going to be. . .

Am I really at Cannes??  YES!  And LOVING IT.

And here is one for Kelly - yes, a whole CORRAL full!  All sizes, shapes, styles. . . probably none as sexy as yours, though.


And one for Milli:

Love to Everyone, as Always,


Turning In Early

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Hi Guys,

I'm tired. Going to stay in tonight and sleep.  Battery re-charge needed.  Will hit the ground running tomorrow.  (Going to visit the American Pavillion - I've been at the Canadian one, which I like, but since Im both, might as well go meet the other side!)

Here are some pictures for today:

Ca cest Rue Saint Antoine - the little no-car street I walk to and from Le Palais Des Festivals each day.

A door Maya likes very much.

VIDEO : opening ceremony dance rehearsal

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Ok, as promised, here is a bit of the rehersal for last nights opening ceremony at Le Grand Theatre Lumiere!!  I tried to find the name of the choreographer to post it here, but have not yet been able to do so.  If anyone knows, please send us the info! (It may be a while before the vid posts - check back later if you dont see it here now.)

Thanks and Hugs to Everyone,  Maya

Video credit: David Massar (shot on his iphone)

UPDATE (added May 20th):

And here - seen from the huge screen inside Le Grand Theatre Lumiere  is what was going on out on the carpet (non-stars walk the red carpet, then this performance, then in come the big stars - we were already inside watching the action on the carpet from our seats). . . the finished product of the afternoons rehearsal video above!