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This started as a blog for Maya's trip to the Cannes Film Festival.  (You can scroll back and back to find that stuff - its not going anywyere.)  It is now home to poems, general Maya News updates, and pretty much anything else Maya has to say related to her Arts.  Thanks for checking it out. 

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Posted on May 16, 2013 at 4:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Sorry for the late post - it was a wild night!

After all the ramblng about tickets, here is what took place:  YES, surprisingly enough, GOT TICKETS to the big opening gala here at Cannes!!  The rain let up for a short time while festival big wigs (and small wigs like myself) lined up to enter the famous Theatre Lumiere. . . but by the time the event was over, it was POURING again and an ocean of fancily dressed human beings became fish, soggy to the bone!  Most people were good natured and the midnight restaruants were filled with drenched and hungry film-goers (being in line for two hours before the screening meant no one had eaten - and - sadly - there is NO POPCORN at festival films.  :-) 

Here are some photos from the event:

Waiting in line for balcony seating.

Crowds watch from the other side of the street - note paparazzi lined up, all also in their tuxes - as accredited festival attendees await entrance. . .

The maze of fences that festival goers walk though to enter the theater (in this case, to the Red Carpet entrance to Theatre Lumiere), and crowds hoping to see the big stars. . .

Paparazzi (above) and Maya (below) awaitiing the Red Carpet walk into the theater.

Sorry its sideways!

Still waiting in line. . .

MORE paparazzi. . .

Red Carpet - Les Gendarmes lining the steps!

Ok, we are inside now, yes, WAY in the distance (there was a big screen so we could see from the balcony) Steven Speilberg, Nicole Kindman, Ang Lee, Audrey Tautou, Christopher Walz, Leo DeCaprio, Carrie Mulligan, Baz Luhrmann - and a slew of others, both Cannes officials and cast of The Great Gatsby (which opened the festival).  That's one BIG movie theater.


DAY 1 - Festival De Cannes!!

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Merci Canada Pavilion!

Bon Jour!  It is 11:30 in the morning, and I am - thankfully - resting at the relative CALM of the Canada Pavilion after a hellish two hours getting my "Invitation" read: ticket, for toights opening screening of The Great Gatsby!  As you may have heard, The Festival is famous for its horribly complicated ticketing process. . . For the curious, here is how it goes (for the easily bored,skip this post and wait for tonights!):

1). Get accredited before attending the festival (Ok, you dont HAVE to do this, but if you are accreditable, and can do this, it allows entrance to a TON of stuff that the general public cannot get near, including most Invitaions to the big screenings.) 

2). Find out (this is not as easy as you would think) which films you want to see, which theaters they are playing in, where these theaters are, what days and times.

3). Figure out what your badge code means and what your method of gettiing invitations is.  (For example, as an accredite attendee AND a producer with a Marche Du Film pass, David is able to get his invitations on line the mornig of the evening a film he wants to see is showing.  He will likely get a ticket that is fairly decent, and numbered.  I, on the other hand, being a mere actor, must go to a sepcific location to line up for mine.)

4). If its an evening screening you want to attend, and you are an actor, you then go to that location designate on the blue paper you recieved upon picking up your badge and packet when you arrived.  In my case, it is: Bureau des Comediens, Niveau 0, Hall Mediterannee.  You must be there at LEAST by 9 (preferably 8 I learned upon arriving close to 9), to line up in one of two very mushed together lines, writhing with actors who are all as anxious as hungry wolves for those coveted invitations.  If you are lucky, you have a 2 or 3 on your badge, which allows you to NOT get into the 'young actors' line. . .(that one seems to have more people, and more wolverine energy).  Then, you WAIT.  For about an hour.  Or more.

5). When its your turn (oh - I really should mention that the desks for these two actor invitation lines are about two feet appart, and wedged between a wall and a three foot thick pole.  You must squeeze between otehr actors and try to remember not to breathe too much because a). there isnt much air, and b). breathing makes you take up more space.)  Ok- so, yeah, you et to the desk . . . and . . . put your name on a list.  Yay. On the list.  If by the time they get to your name, there are tickets, you get to get in another line. .

6). Lets say they DO get to your name (sometimes they dont because invitations are being gien out at about 10 locations other than yours) - they then call you to get in an other line.  Where you wait. Again. Maybe an other 20 minutes(?)  THEN they call you in to the special invitation office. . . and see if they have the ticket you want (you might be getting a ticket for the evening or one for something screeing tomorrow day time - for evening tickets tomorrow  you must return and go through the process again).  If so, as I did, you are likely to get an orchestra ticket which is not numbered but free seating AND first come first serve as they overbook to assure a full house. 

7). Arrange your day so you can get back to wherever you are staying, but on your BALL GOWN or TUX, do hair and such and get back to the theater to be in line up to two hours before showtime.  And its raining today. No umbrella. In my BALL GOWN???  Yup. You bet.  I will do my best to get you phictures!

Thats it.

So, as I was saying, the Canadian Pavilion is feelin pretty darn good right about now. Not to mention that I slept all of about two - yes, 2 - hours last night. My body thinks its still on PST. . . day is night, night is day. . . so, yeah, forgive my typos - Im on the spacy side.

Here are a few pics from the day so far:

This one speaks for itself. (She is a French Speaker)

The madhouse at ticketing. . . .(this is a fraction of the folks there. . . everyone wants to see Gatsby!

Love you ALL,


(Stay tuned for pics from tonight's screening!!)

And a few more from Day One. . .

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OK,  So, walking by what will be the RED CARPET area, encountered the dancers and choreographer for the grand premiere of Baz Luhrmann's  The Great Gatsby. . . we even shot some footage of the rehearsal - but can't in good conscience post it until tomorrow night, after the premiere.  Stay tuned, though - you wont see these dancers in work out wear on TV - you will see them in full costume - should be amazing!

Hard to see in the growing dark, but here we have the Paparazzi stationed outside the red Carpet entrance - they will  wait here with their cameras and ladders ALL NIGHT and DAY TOMORROW  so as not to loose their spot for tomorrow night's event!

Below is a night shot of the International Village tents among the lovel huge trees along the Croisette, again, before the crowds!

Here are folks having silly fun - imitating Joanne Woodward in the photo of she and Paul Newman kissing. . .

Poster for a movie I might wanna see - ok, well, who knows about the actual film, but isnt this little cow person cute?:

Here is one I'm thinking maybe not my style so much. . .

. . . And, at 12:20am Cannes time, I shall wish you all a good night with this photo os the lovely Rue De Saint Antoine, about as wide as a VW Bug (no cars, only foot traffic here), with tiny and gorgeous and amazing smelling restaurants lining it as it meanders uphill from sea level to the higher ground overlooking the lights of the festival and the ocean below. . . More tomorrow as the festival proper gets going!!!

Love Always,


First Day - The Pre-Fest

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I'm Here!

After a somewhat gruelling trip (though I don't think ANYONE gets to complain about going to Cannes, no matter how rough the ride is. . ), we arrive.  For those who are unaware, I am here with my dearest friend and (for those of you who aren't up to date) beloved Ex, David. 

This is David looking like the film director he is, outside the apartment we are staying in.  (Women take note - David is walking around with me, but he's available and wonderful. David, don't kill me for posting this. .  :- Note the OCEAN in the not-far-off distance!!

Feeling SO grateful to be here a day before the festivities begin - its already a bit of a zoo, albeit a fun one.  Above, is the entrance to the Palais Des Festivals, where it all goes down!

OK, So here is a bit of the journey. . .

Flying over the North Pole!


Awaiting the second flight London to Nice, at Heathrow Int. Airport

(note tired Maya with new silver computer bag! :-)

New friend and young filmmaker Matt Pancer, whome we met yesterday en route, taking pictures out the bus window.  Matt has a short film in the festival - CONGRATS MATT!

First look at Cannes - at the bus stop before walking up to our appartment for the week.

More than fabulous turquoise boots. . . and a kinda cool looking wall. . .yup, that's Maya there.

In line at the grocery store. . . every Frenchman/woman with their morning Baguette!

Classic - French Riviera with red umbrella. . .(this is the beach the-day-before. . . though chilly, we will see what it looks like once Festival Goers have all arrived. . .)

Outside Le Palais - and honestly, I am 99% sure those are NOT bare breasts in the lower left of this photo. . . but what the heck ARE they??

And a few Cannes fun bits:

Dans Le Marche Du Film (in the Film Market) before they have even pulled up the plastic wrap from the floors. . . tomorrow, these halls will be packed with the Movers N Shakers!!

The Fabulous Venessa Redgrave's paw print memorialized outside Le Palias. . .

Ok - so my camera doesn't do close-up well, but this is the offical Pellegrino label just for the Festival - with it's "Star Du Festival" label.  (Touristy as it may be, Im keeping a lable from this one. :-)

Veiw from lunch at the lovely and super expensive (around $27/salad) Mocca Cafe across from Le Palais Des Festival.

 Not too too jet lagged, finely fed, ready to go to my room and study the film line-up to chose what to see!

Stay tuned - tomorrow's gonna be GREAT!

Love to All,


Count Down - 3 Days Til Fest

Posted on May 11, 2013 at 5:05 PM Comments comments (0)

The poster is an original 1979 illustration by Folon.

Wheeeeeeee!  Here we go. . . driving from British Columbia to Seattle tomorrow afternoon. . . then ON THE PLANE to CANNES!!!  (Well, ok, flyign into Nice, then ground transport to the Festival. . .) but Maya will be two days in transit, so if you write and dont hear back, patience please!

Bag is stuffed, but gotta love good old British Airways that allows a nice, fat suitcase, unlike SOME airlines these days. ..

Love to Everyone,


Tick Tick Tick. . .

Posted on May 6, 2013 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (1)

 Official 1963 poster : The poster is an original illustration by Jean-Denis Maillart

Well, Fans and Friends,

The clock is ticking. . . in a few days I head north to my beloved Canada to see family, then on the 12th I am on my flight across Turtle Island and The Pond. . . to Festival de Cannes!  What to pack??  What to wear?  Where to be and who to see?  :-)   There are, literally, hundreds of books and websites devoted to these topics. . . bottom line for me is:  Have fun packing, wear fun stuff, be in fun places and generally have fun talking to whomever I am near at any given moment. Which is, of course, advice I do my best to follow anywhere, any time.

I must say, my suitcase looks VERY fat for a trip this length. . . but I am guessing that once there, it might seem lacking, as sometimes happens.

I have been reading up on where to hang out, preparing my business cards, and getting Georgie Whippet squared away with a caretaker she loves.  She is old, and my prayer is she waits for me to return before flying away.  If you have extra dog-love to spare, send us a prayer for a healthy and wonderful time for George while Maya is away, thank you.

Love to you all,


Count Down

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Dear Fans,

We are now one month and two days away from the Festival.  As the date approaches, we will post more fun stuff, and hopefully, some REALLY fun stuff during - or maybe just after (if we are having way too much fun) - the days that Maya is there.  Unfortuately, she will not attend the entire event, but will have five days to take it all in.  Stand by for the juicy bits and pics to come!

Love to All!