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Gunman Scare at Cannes - DAY 4

Posted on May 18, 2013 at 9:45 AM

Good Day All!

News of the day is that those of us who thought we heard gunshots on Friday night were not crazy - turns out they were REAL.  I was not close enough to be in danger, but definitley heard the sound.  You can read about it here.

On a more personal front, I am typing with band aids on a few fingers - just now, heading up the VERY SLICK back steps to Le Palais (festival goers take note), I slipped - and I mean SUPERslipped. . . feet went out from under me, I hit my hip, slid to butt, then other hip BAM - slid about two feet alogn the steps - but it tured out the real casualty was my left hand  - crumpling my very cheaply made,  but expensive to buy, umbrella, I found I was pouring blood. . . from seven punctures to various fingers and my palm.  The really intense one was to my baby finger, which had some rather horridly bulging inner fleshy parts protruding from a large, deep and vibrantly bloody gash.  Rushed into the Palais (security was very sweet and let me in fast) to find that there is no first aid area - and they were sending me off to the "chemist" (drug store).  David to the rescue suggested the Canada Pavillion.  The wonderful Veronique Le Sayec, coordinator for Telefilm Canada and queen of the Pavillion Canada, was quick on the draw and offered her first aid kit.  Go Canada.  I love my country. Umbrella is headed for the grave yard, my hand is gonna be just fine, and my hip and butt will be a lovely shade of purple by the end of the next screening I sit through.

More soon,

With Love,


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