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THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS! Day 5 Festival De Cannes

Posted on May 20, 2013 at 4:20 AM

Dear Everyone,

THANK YOU to all who obliged me and said a prayer for a sunny last day at the Festival - Yesterday was WONDERFUL weather! 

The view out Maya's window on the morning of the last day:  SUNNY!!!!!!!, thank you. :-)

Ok, it was a little chilly. . . the pink lacy stockings were warm enough only because I had leg warmers and a wool jacket. . .

Farmers Market - Forte De Poussiai (the peach colored building at the end of the street)

Look Fluffy - a store full of French CHEESE!!

Sidwalk cafe's. . .

Oh - and here we have a photo of INSIDE that farmers market. Its HUGE.

Here is David outside Le MArche Du Film (the film market, where countries spend millions of dollars on each others films like normal people buy eggs at the supermarket. . .) and also the site of my famous SLIP on the STAIRS. . . butt is a still a bit sore, but finger gash is healing nicely, in spite of the fact that it really aught to have had a stitch or two in it.  (I opted for a very tight band aid, kept dry.)

A very windy day it was, but SUNNY!!!!!

Glass of wine on the deck of the Dubai Film Commissions Pavillion. (Chilly)

Directors Panel at the American Pavillion

Directors Jim Mickle (horror adaptation), David Tassiler (short film), and heavyweight James Toback (note hitman on far right - that is James) were on the panel.  Jim discussed  his work adapting foreign market horror films for the US, and his collaborative and inutitive process working wtih and trusting actors.  David shared his experience making his first short, and James talked about being ready to die.  OK, well, he talked about a lot of things, but it was the fact that he, like myself, thinks about death EVERY DAY, that got my attenton. James has an ALIVENESS that can only come from being conscious of our death with every breath.  Duende.  The Everpresent Sense of Death.  You can read a little about Duende HERE.

I got to meet and have brief chats with all three directors (and yes, dear agents, gave them my card!), which was really fun.  The panel discussions were interesting and I really needed to LAUGH. . . so thank you James.

Time for a meal in a cafe.  I cant recall its name or what I ate, but it was good. Then, back to apartment to dress for the eveing screenings and party. . .

Along the Croissette, after the screening, en route to QUEER NIGHT PARTY at the International Village!

David on the pink sidewalk (we walked 20 minutes on this sidewalk, lit up the whole way. . .)

Maya dancing with a statue along the Croissette.

Strange ORB floating on the beach. . .

Beach screening soon to start - it's gonna be a Bollywood film!

Bollywood star (I don't know who - if anyone does, let me know and I will post her name and link) walks the red carpet near the beach screening.

(Sorry about the sideways images)  Maya taking pics of the beautiful sea and evening sky. . .

Director David Massar looking as wonderful and kind as he is,  (Maya's ex and best best friend ever, incase anyone didn't get this form previous posts.) currently looking to meet potential producing partners for an amazing feature film he is currently working on.  [email protected]

Finally, after the evvening screening and stroll along the Croissette, its PATY TIME!  And did Maya drage David to the Cannes Queer Night Party??  NO!  David was the one who found out about the party and took Maya to it  . . . so the last night at Cannes was - though an early night due to flight time the next morning - lots of fun, schmoozing and dancing.

Last walk past party yachts. . .

And past the main square in front of Le Palais. . .

Then off to bed to snooze and wake early for the filghts home.

xoxox to you all,


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