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Posted on May 16, 2013 at 4:30 AM

Sorry for the late post - it was a wild night!

After all the ramblng about tickets, here is what took place:  YES, surprisingly enough, GOT TICKETS to the big opening gala here at Cannes!!  The rain let up for a short time while festival big wigs (and small wigs like myself) lined up to enter the famous Theatre Lumiere. . . but by the time the event was over, it was POURING again and an ocean of fancily dressed human beings became fish, soggy to the bone!  Most people were good natured and the midnight restaruants were filled with drenched and hungry film-goers (being in line for two hours before the screening meant no one had eaten - and - sadly - there is NO POPCORN at festival films.  :-) 

Here are some photos from the event:

Waiting in line for balcony seating.

Crowds watch from the other side of the street - note paparazzi lined up, all also in their tuxes - as accredited festival attendees await entrance. . .

The maze of fences that festival goers walk though to enter the theater (in this case, to the Red Carpet entrance to Theatre Lumiere), and crowds hoping to see the big stars. . .

Paparazzi (above) and Maya (below) awaitiing the Red Carpet walk into the theater.

Sorry its sideways!

Still waiting in line. . .

MORE paparazzi. . .

Red Carpet - Les Gendarmes lining the steps!

Ok, we are inside now, yes, WAY in the distance (there was a big screen so we could see from the balcony) Steven Speilberg, Nicole Kindman, Ang Lee, Audrey Tautou, Christopher Walz, Leo DeCaprio, Carrie Mulligan, Baz Luhrmann - and a slew of others, both Cannes officials and cast of The Great Gatsby (which opened the festival).  That's one BIG movie theater.


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