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Day 3 of Le Festival de Cannes

Posted on May 17, 2013 at 3:15 AM

GOOD MORNING FESTIVAL FOLLOWERS!! (Alright, I know its not morning for you guys, especially those in PST, but its MY morning. . . at least I am TRYING to tell my body so, since the sun is up, the French are driving their cars fast and furiously - though not as furiously as the Italians - through the tiny streets outside my window, and the sea sparkles luxuriously in the distance. . .yet somehow it still feels like time to sleep.  Why oh why can't I do so when the clock says 3am??  The remedy, I think, must be to arrive a week early to acclimate.  Make a note of it.)

Anyway, as I was saying, it IS morning, and I wish you a good one, whenever yours is.

Yesterday, David snaped THIS photo for me, of me, in front of the SAG/Indie poster. . . GO SAG/Indie!  One thing being here is doing for me is to re-charge my energy for getting my script written.  Its been really hard for me to make myself write - but being around so much crazy-raw and super-polished talent of so many sorts is really quite the catalyst.  So, yes, go Maya go: WRITE.

Here is the photo (ps; anybody know WHY I cant get some photos to upload right side up when they are rightside up on my computer??):(

Here is what is outside my window (yes, COLD and windy today.  Ok, maybe not cold to my Canadian friends, but still. . .it's 16, which is pretty chilly for the Riviera - that's laround 60 for you Americans):(

And here, dear ones, is the coveted Accreditation Badge. . . this badge at Cannes is key to EVERYTHING.  It is rigourously checked at every entrance to every building (the festival is somewhat spread out and there is a lot of going in and coming  out to be done), every screening, every line-up etc.  It is checked for collecting "Invitations" (otherwise known as movie tickets) for screenigns at Le Grand Theatre Lumiere, etc.  Each attendee's ticket has numbers and letters denoting what that specific attendee is welcome to do and attend.  Badges are tracked, and the owner is held accountable. . . for exapmle, if one reserves or aquires an Invitation but does not show up, one recieves a PHONE CALL saying, basically, WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU, and if said one does not appear at said function, ones badge (ones self) is red-listed NOT to be invited to another event. . . I imagine if the answer to the 'where the heck' question were "I've had my legs broken by Maffia and am lying in the street bleeding" one might be excused, but the powers that be take disregarded Invitations seriously, as there are SO many people - and many of them big wigs/stars of some sort - who want them.

A hand full of badges (the leopard spots one is for a by-invitation-only party that didn't last long as it was open air on the beach and it was cold and rainy. . . but still, nice to drink a glass of red wine and rub shoulders with. . . well, lotsa folks - there are so many people from so many countries here!

Producers from all around the world - most people think Cannes is a Film Festival. And ok, it is, on the surface level.  But the truth about the shiniest film festival on Earth is that it is actually a HUGE SALES MARKET, and the majority of people attending are not here to see films, they are here to NETWORK. Meetings Meetings Meetings is the key phrase here.  Its fast and furious and ongoing ALL the time.  People in cafes are eating, yes, but they are either on their phones, computers or discussing rights to whatever films over their meals. . .

And a pensive moment. . . hmm. . . what is my next move going to be. . .

Am I really at Cannes??  YES!  And LOVING IT.

And here is one for Kelly - yes, a whole CORRAL full!  All sizes, shapes, styles. . . probably none as sexy as yours, though.


And one for Milli:

Love to Everyone, as Always,


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