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End of Day 3. . .PICTURES!

Posted on May 17, 2013 at 5:50 PM

GAY FLAG!  So, I finally got a meal at what seems to be the only LGBT place in all of Cannes (someone let me know if I am wrong!), the" target="_blank">GRILL HOUSE

I ordered a bowl of gaspacho and desert - well, I didnt mean to order desert - its just that my server made it seem SO yummy I went ahead. . . did my wallet like it?  No, not much, but was it as yummy as it looked?  OH YES!!!  (Hot chocolate cake with pure gooiness inside. I dont think I will even want to LOOK at anything else that is sweet for about a year, but wow, very fun to eat it once.  Here it is, mid-consumption:

Here is the gaspacho. . .

And here is the chocolat thing.  OK, doesnt look as amazing as it was.  Since I normally dont eat wheat OR sugar, it was a VERY dacadent treat, but well worth the suffering.  :-)

OK. So, Sofia Coppola is here with her film Bling Ring, a true story of a bunch of kids who set out to (and do) rob a bunch of celebrities in Hollywood.  The film is so populare that even the more casual daytime screenings are full to the max.  Here, you see the line going up the stairs, around the hallway, and behind the screening room. Sadly, after the usual hour and a half wait, I was five people behind the last one who fit like sardines into the screening room . . . so, ok, I will see it like the rest of you do, in theaters whenever it is released.

I got tired in line and sat down.  Here are the legs of the folks ahead of me, some of whom have now seen the film!

Yeah. Long waits are ok, though, because that is where one meets people. 

After that, I stood in line for a seat in the Court Metrage area (short films) and saw a couple of interesting ones.  Easy and a relief after the big lines for the big films.

Next up - getting off of my feet!  Village International - where all film commissions from around the world have their pavillions. . . its actually really fun and fascinating to see what each country is doing, fim-wise.  Inspiring - visiting the pavillions has given me a whole bunch of ideas for films. . . .  not that I need more ideas - what I really need are more ME's to do the writing!

Note the blue jewelry.  (Memory of this will come in handy when viewing a certain eyelash picture further down. . .)

I found what I think might be the ONLY place at the festival that one can LIE DOWN (other than going to the beach or back to ones dwelling).  SHhhhhhh. . . dont tell anyone. . .

Irish Pub.  Cheaper food. Guinness. English.  (Ok, I LOVE Cannes, French food, French wines, and the melodic French language. But after a long day this Pub hit the spot.)

The amazingly BLUE darkening sky. . . and . . .

A horrible photo of Maya, but here are the BLUE EYELASHES to match the night sky and the blue jewelry from earlier!

Posting these day 3 pics on day 4 - Saturday, March18th.  Its POURING RAIN today - films are gonna be really hard to get in to see, but off I go to try my luck!  I didnt bring enough WINTERY CLOTHING!!!   Brrrrr. .. wearing too many piles of summer things - maybe I can get known as THE BAG LADY OF CANNES!!

Love you All,


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