Photos from Shoots & Shows Photos from Shoots & Shows Outer Limits - The Inheritors 1 19294677 Outer Limits - The Inheritors 2 19294654 Outer Limits - The Inheritors 3 The tentacle emerges and wakes Daria (Maya) from her coma. Directed by Mike Rohl 12432497 Death's Dream My name is Angela... 12692185 Death's Dream ...don't believe everything you see in magazines... 12692184 Death's Dream 12692183 Getting the Leo 19294653 2002 Leo awards Death's Dream gets Best Short Film award along with others... L to R: Brian Pearson - best cinematography. Me - best performance/female. Hrothgar Mathews - best perfromance/male. David Massar - best director. Sara Rogers, producer. 12432496 Leo Awards Maya & David 2002 14369631 Hand On the set of short film "Hand" - before things get scary... 14369629 Hand lunch This is a still of me, misbehaving on the set of a short film (genre: horror, in case you couldn't guess), working title: Hand, directed by Ned Vankovitch. The film never got finished, but it was the start of a new niche for me: icky scary goul gal.... 12432495 Hand On the set of "Hand" in a snugglely moment with director Ned Vankovitch...and such a pretty complexion... 14369630 L Word - Longing The photographer just before she seduces her model... 12746745 House Maya as the "Asthma Mom" in the Pilot episode, directed by the amazing Bryan Singer. 12432510 Gloucester From the RADA production of Queen Lear, 2008 Directed b y Brian Stirner. Yes, QUEEN Lear...we had three of them...and this is me, as Gloucester, pre-eye-plucking. 12599375 The Uninvited! Here, folks, is some of what was NOT used in the film - guess showing it might not have gotten us in under the PG-13 rating.... 24303923 The Uninvited! ...the pretty contacts I wore for the all-night shoot...(by the end of the night - dawn - my eyes looked just about like this WITHOUT the lenses. 24303924 The Uninvited! Maya Massar as "Mom" with Heather Doerksen as "Mildred" Visit Healther's IMDb page: 24303925 The Uninvited! The Guard brothers and their ghost... Visit Tom & Charlie's IMDb page - Charles: Tom: 24303927 The Uninvited! Maya (in 'sick Mom' make up) and Arielle celebrate getting through a rough scene that was not used in the film... 24303928 The Uninvited! Mom doesn't have to be beautiful to be loved... Emily Browning (Who plays "Anna") IMDb: and Arielle Kebble (who plays "Alex") IMDb: 24303926 The Uninvited! The peel....a 1.5 hour process (at 4 am) to remove the 4.5 hour prosthetics job - not the facial a girl dreams of, but it was one of the most fun nights Ive had on set, so its all OK! (Prosthetics and make up done by Bill Terezakis and his team, and Victoria Downs & Gitte Axen) 24305003